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Sunday, November 6, 2011


You know those moods you get in where you just want to do something creative? Or those moments when you feel like speaking in frilly poetic speech? I had one of those today. And this was the result. Enjoy!!

You and me.
We and us.
I've heard about these moments
I've dreamt about them in the sweetest of dreams.
And now I live among them.
We share them.
They float around us like the purest of bubbles.
Like rain when the sun is smiling.
When you wrap your arms around me.
When your hands find themselves in my hair.
Those things, they seep right through to my heart.
My very being is swept off its feet.
Oh, if time could stop swirling rapidly.
If the river of life could be calmed.
Then all would be as it should be.
Then the trials of life would seem trivial things.
Me and you.

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