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Monday, December 5, 2011

Find the Hidden Reference

I wrote this poem a while ago, but I only just found it again now. It has a reference to a certain newish video game. Let me know if you can find it! And let me know if you like the poem.

She sits, waiting and wondering and wishing.
The clock strikes resolutely.
Her heart pounds in the cavity that is her chest.
Someone passes by her, in a hurry,
To live a life that is mundane.
Although, what in comparison to?
She glances out the never-ending window
And is disappointed by what she sees.
The sky is the colour of a baby elephant,
The rim of a paint can, waiting in her shed.
Rain starts spitting down from ominous clouds.
She goes back to reading her favourite book;
She reads it at least once a year.
It contains a plethora of ideas
And never fails to amuse and over-joy her.
At long last, he arrives.
He knows to bring her back to reality slowly.
'Books are uniquely portable magic,' he quotes.
She laughs her tinkling laugh.
As they walk away, she looks back.
And smiles.


  1. I see skyrim

  2. oh hey i know this is an old post but i read it again and i miss you :)