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Monday, February 6, 2012

Panellists Residing in My Head

I have a whole lot of abstract ideas floating around in my head that I want to talk about here. So, I'm going actually start posting them.

You know what I love? When you start thinking about something one day and then it comes up somewhere else. Like English class for example. That happened to me today.
It's really interesting to me that we can be so many different people at once. In terms of music, we can be a country person, a dubstep person or a musical person and all of them at the same time.

Here's a little bit about the panellists that reside inside my head:

The first person I have on my panel is "The Insecure One". She is constantly worrying about what other people think of her and thinks that everyone is talking about her behind her back. She feels extreme emotions like jealousy, sadness and anger. She worries a lot about fitting in to society's norms and she is often extremely irrational; she is lead by her emotions.
The second person I have on my panel is "The Voice of Reason". She is extremely rational and feels little to no emotion. She is able to sift through the facts of a problem or situation and come to a fast, logical solution. She loves to try and solve other people's problems. She does not care what society thinks of her and has very strong opinions about right and wrong. She often attempts to reign in "The Insecure One", but to no avail.
The third person I have on my panel is "The Optimist". She is constantly striving to see the silver lining on the cloud and feels extreme emotions like happiness and love. She loves singing, skipping and laughing. She tries to avoid thinking about things too deeply in fear that the other two panellists will take over. She loves to try and make other people happy and does not often think of herself.

These are probably the most predominant "panellists" I have, I'm sure I have others as well. It's interesting to see the different sides of people come out in conversation. Look around for it.

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