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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where I'm From

In English, we had to write a poem modelled on the poem Where I'm From, by George Ella Lyon. I'm not so sure about how mine turned out, but here it is anyway;

I am from Mouse Trap,
from Monopoly and Rummikub Junior.
I am from the oranges that fell off the tree.
(Brown, mouldy,
the birds got to them first.)
I am from the Bird of Paradise,
the Bottle Brush
whose vibrant colours I remember
through a sea of browns and greens.

I'm from Vegemite and hermit crabs,
               from Teniah and James.
I'm from don't leave that in the car
               and only if that doesn't make a mess,
from watch your head, Fred.
I'm from oops, you think I'm in love,
               see my ride out of the sunset
               on your colour TV screen.

I'm from Barbie dolls and Tonka trucks,
Sesame Street and Play School.
From the dogs that lived across the street,
              Tom was small and Jerry was big
the band-aids we stuck on and ripped off my Dad.
In my closet was a shoe box
spilling ancient birthday cards
a mingle of not-yet-forgotten voices
reminding me of a time I never remembered.
I am from these moments -
chocolate broken before opened -
still tastes the same in the end.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Oh, and here's a link to the original, if you love procrastination as much as I do, or if you're just interested:

1 comment:

  1. amazing! I love the intriguing detail, and how it shows so much of your personality!
    Even if you got rid of the Teniah and James part I would still tell it was you, since its just so ...YOU!