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Saturday, August 6, 2011


So I went to back to Australia on holidays over my end of year holidays. And I had an absolutely fabulous time. Chock-a-block with fun things, it was. I can't remember exactly what I did day-to-day, but here is a list of the most memorable occasions (in no particular order):
  • Watched the final Harry Potter three times. And a couple of the other movies.
  • Ice Skating
  • Had dinner with purely awesome people at Pizzamaster
  • Watched netball games
  • A couple of sleep overs
  • Snuck into my friend's law class, wearing the uniform and everything
  • Visited Macquarie Uni
  • Visited very many relatives in Melbourne and Ballarat
  • Spent many a time at good ol' cafe Frendz
  • Bought Doctor stuff, including a sonic screwdriver (Tennant edition), a pen with a TARDIS in it and a book
  • Ate a lot of meat pies, Cadbury chocolate and Allens lollies. And drank some Milo
  • Went and said hello to a few of my old primary school teachers
  • Navigated the North Shore train line
  • Got driven around by my friend who is on her L's
  • Talked with the village ladies
  • And gave a lot of much-anticipated hugs.
I miss you all already! <3

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