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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Doctor Who Obsession

You know you're obsessed with Doctor Who when:
- You practice not blinking just in case.
- You try desperately to relate all topics of conversation to Doctor Who.
- You get over-the-top excited whenever you hear the theme music.
- You tend to say "exterminate!" when playing random video games.
- You think bow ties are extremely cool. Along with fezs and stetsons.
- You see a screwdriver and think, "This could be a little more sonic."
- Your first reaction to all telephone boxes are "TARDIS!"
- You scowl at anyone who says that Christopher Ecceleson is the first doctor.
- You find yourself tapping in groups of four.
- Seeing anyone wearing bluetooth ear pieces freaks you out.
- You love British jelly babies not just for their taste.
- You see a gas mask and ask someone, "Are you my Mummy?"
- You know what TARDIS stands for.
- You hear David and think Tennant.
- You hear Doctor and think Who.
- You heard River and think Song. etc...
- You think that Captain Jack Harkness is slightly cooler than Capain Jack Sparrow.
- You get really scared when you have two shadows.
- You can pronounce Raxacoricofallapatorius and spell it too.
- You get annoyed when people say they love Doctor Who and haven't even seen any of the early episodes.
- You kind of want to try fish fingers and custard.
- You desperately want to meet someone named Allonso.
- You see graffiti and kind of wish it said "Bad Wolf".
- The word "delete" always sounds robotic in your head.
- You don't want a dog anymore, you want a K-9.
- Pocket watches both fascinate and intimidate you.
- You try to stay in shape solely because you never know when you may have to do an awful lot of running.
- You sometimes wish you could be abducted by evil aliens.
- You click your fingers randomly to make sure someone hasn't visited Satellite 5 in the year 200,000.
- You almost die of excitement/bewilderment when you great really close to guessing the huge plot line in the next show.
- You wish you could learn how to write/speak Gallifreyan.
- You are the prowd owner of a sonic screwdriver. And you carry it everywhere with you.
- You are going to Gallifrey One!!!
- You get all of the references in this note.

Yes, practically all of these things are true for me. I've been watching Doctor Who since 2003 when the classic Doctor Who series was being replayed in Australia. So I have seen all the episodes, although I don't remember most of them. Do you watch Doctor Who? If not, you should!