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Friday, August 5, 2011


Share with your best friend. For they are so precious.

Time is not something you can give away.
Time is not something you can gift wrap and send across the ocean in a plane.
It's a cliche that time is precious, but really it's very true.
At least, that is, for the time I spend with you.

This may sound like a love story.
And it is, but not in the classical sense.
It's a story of best friends who lives miles away.
Who don't have a choice but to say things like, "I miss you every day."

Time is counted in seconds, minutes, hours.
So then why does time speed up whenever I'm with you?
Time is too slow, too fast, too long, too short.
Trying to build a teleport machine should not be our last resort.

Time slips through our fingers and toes.
It's mischievous and beautiful and complicated.
It is the paint on the wall, the cloud in the sky and the grass full of dew.
But all I want to do at this time, is say, "I love you."

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